Our Services

Reiki Sessions

  • Regular Reiki Session: 1 Hour
  • Additional Reiki Treatments: 90 minutes

As with anything in life, consistency and perseverance is needed and no lasting outcome can be created in just one sitting. The amount of treatments varies widely depending on many factors and would be discussed further in person.
Please, do not replace medication or doctor's visits only with Reiki, it is a complementary tool to conventional allopathic medicine and while practiced in many hospitals and medical care settings, your Doctor should be informed you are using Reiki treatments.

Reiki Courses and Attunements

Level 1

It is the first step on your Reiki journey, introducing you to this ancient healing technique and a life - changing eye-opener to all. Right upon the first attunement, you can start applying Reiki to yourself, others, animals, even plants and everything around you. You will learn the history and origins of Reiki, its philosophy and mostly 5 main principles, which will change your attitude to problems and life in general, traditional Reiki techniques and how to use Reiki in daily life.

Level 2

The major step-up as it will include the use of three Reiki symbols:

  • The symbol of enhancing power
  • The symbol of harmony
  • The symbol of beyond time and space

You will learn distance healing - sending Reiki to someone far away, healing towards past -clearing past trauma, loss of loved ones, regrets, depression and healing towards future - setting up desirable self image or situations. These skills allow you to deal with certain problems and manage difficult situations more effectively.

Level 3

Dedicated students will follow this level to deepen their knowledge and achieve the highest level of energy in the Reiki tradition. They will become more connected and attuned to their consciousness and intuition in higher dimension. The fourth symbol and mantra will be given.

Level 4

Become a Reiki Teacher. You will learn how to give attunements and address some of the practical methods of teaching Reiki to others. It introduces basics of manual writing and class organization. When this class is completed, the student will be able to pass Reiki attunement for all levels of Reiki.
The Reiki Master training is a new beginning for sharing Reiki with others and an opportunity to enhance your own development.

All classes include attunements, manuals and certificates for the respective level and last approximately 5 hours.
Reiki classes are offered in small groups or on a one to one personal basis where we can spend time working with Reiki. You can ask any questions or go over any concerns that you may have.

Reiki Refresher Classes

Refresher classes are ideal for people who already have attuned to Reiki but:

  • Have studied Reiki with a different Teacher Master or distantly and want some hands on practical training
  • Have not used Reiki for a long time and might not be confident in giving Reiki treatments to others
  • Want to gain additional wisdom or skills that they might have missed the first time around

Taking Reiki Refresher classes can help to bring confidence and skills that you require to continue your Reiki Development. The classes are tailored to your own needs and requirements and are dependent on your current level of Reiki Training. If there are particular areas that you would like to focus on, these can be discussed. If you have attended Reiki classes with another teacher, you will receive manuals for the respective level. 
A refresher class last approximately 2 to 3 hours. 
Manuals for the respective level will be provided if you didn't take classes with “Reiki with Lubi Dubai.” No Attunements are provided. No Certificates are provided. Please note that Reiki refresher classes are designed primarily for people wanting to revise how to feel the energy and how to tune into and channel Reiki. It is not suitable for people with no previous Reiki training of any kind. If you have never taken Reiki classes before, please take Reiki Classes (Attunements).

Reiki Retreats

Reiki Retreats are organized both on regular and on request only basis.
They take place in different locations in the United Arab Emirates (regular) or worldwide (on request).
It usually takes 2-5 days and combination of Reiki and Yoga or other additional practices are taught and applied.
Unique locations are chosen to enhance the healing effects of Reiki, together with serene atmosphere, nature, healing music and meditations in gentle harmony.
Details are available during private consultation or by my email.

Distant Reiki Healing

Reiki distance or remote, absentee healing is when a Reiki practitioner sends healing energy towards an individual, group, event or situation in the past, present or future.
Reiki energy works to produce the highest results for the highest good for all involved, and will never override a person’s free will, nor cause harm. The only requirement for distance treatments is permission to have this energy flow to you and have a sincere willingness to receive and benefit from this energy. To receive a distance healing you do not have to be in a meditative state but is it is recommended that you set aside quiet time during the time the energy is being sent.

Pranic Healing

One of the basic teachings of healing with Pranic healing as well as Reiki is that we are more than our physical bodies.
We also have an energy body made up of our aura- energy fields, the chakras - energy centers and the meridians - energy pathways.
Like our physical body that takes in food to nourish it and give it energy, our energy body does the same. The energy fields take energy in, the chakras break it down, and the meridians distribute it throughout the body.
Pranic healing is a simple yet powerful & effective system of no-touch energy healing, developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui that utilizes prana- Sanskrit word that means life-force to balance, harmonize and transform the body's energy processes. This invisible bio-energy keeps the body alive and maintains a state of good health. As diseases first appear in the energy body, they can be prevented from manifesting and healed.
Laws of Self-Recovery and Life Energy are incorporated.

Crystal Healing

Open your mind and give a try to natural healing technique using specifically programmed and consecrated crystals and chakra stones that increase healer's abilities and general intensity and power of the healing.

They have the power to influence the human aura and the chakras in human body with their properties of activation. The colors, quality, sizes and shapes of the crystals used have an effect on the results. We use them in in 2 main ways: in non-touch energy healing together with color pranic healing or by laying on crystals on affected parts or all over the body.