I had a very beneficial experience from my Reiki session with Lubi, she makes sure you feel comfortable and relaxed, explains what to expect, as well as discussing areas you may want to focus on. Who would have known a small haven of Bali was hiding in Al Warqa. Her treatment room is very relaxing. She has a natural healing energy. I left feeling energized and re-balanced. Look forward to continuing!

Ms.Michelle Roberts, Dubai, UAE

Hello everyone!
I would like to share my experience with reiki with Lubi as I have been there twice already and it has been an amazing experience each time. I don’t think I have (probably ever!) had such a switch off relaxing time before. Together we discovered what areas are my energy “suckers” and need the most attention and during the sessions I do feel an enormous energy compilation there when Lubica concentrates around those areas.
I do recommend to everyone who would want to learn to get out of their busy life for a while and just BE and get to a complete relaxation state with a lasting effect. It’s just perfect!
It’s a busy time we live in and we forget to love our body and soul. Reiki with Lubi (and her highly professional as well as individual approach) is the best thing to try.

Ms.Veronika Knight, Dubai, UAE

Two years ago I have suffered from a broken bone in my foot and all my doctor wanted to do was to operate it as soon as possible. I have refused insisting it will heal naturally. That is when I started Reiki treatment with Lubi. It was painless, very enjoyable and extremely effective. At the end my bone healed so well that even my doctor asked me, What have I done? Big, big Thanks, Lubi.

Ms.Monika Janska, Dubai, UAE

I would like share with the world,that I am one of many who seek Lubi’s help and spirit of serenity that is surrounding her when my work, dreams, deadlines and my enourmous strive for perfection take toll on me and mainly my health, my neck and stiff back. Lubi is a fantastic passionate practitioner and I want to say Thank You.

Ms.Xenia Gazi, Dubai, UAE

I did not know much about Reiki at the time when Lubi offered her help with my painful shoulder. I must have slept with AC on or in a bad position but I could not move my right hand from the shoulder ligament almost at all after waking up. After a brief Reiki treatment, while I felt an immediate relief and a pleasant warm sensation, the pain was gone! Not quite sure, how it works, but it for sure worked for me.

Ms.Kate, Dubai UAE

I have ruptured my Achilles tendon during a football practice and a operation was needed. I was off work for 6 months, most of the time with my leg in cast, elevated, then first steps in crutches, then physiotherapy. Reiki with Lubi has helped me immensely, I felt the heat even through the cast and it relieved the pain a lot. The leg healed very well and according to doctors, faster then usual. Thank you so much!

Mr.Robert Urbanec, Dubai UAE

After suffering of insomnia and depression for a while, I have decided to try Reiki with my friend Lubi. I must say, that after only few minutes of receiving Reiki, I fell asleep like a baby and slept for most of the treatment. After I woke up, I felt like a new person and my outlook on my problems has changed dramatically. Every time when my life feels too hectic or stressful, I try to find time to let Reiki work its magic on me

Mr.Andrea Rodriguez, Dubai UAE